Engineering Dynamics Labs with SOLIDWORKS Motion 2015 - Huei-Huang Lee

Engineering Dynamics Labs with SOLIDWORKS Motion 2015

Autor Huei-Huang Lee

  • Fecha de publicación: 2015-04-29
  • Género: Ordenadores


• Designed to complement a standard engineering dynamics textbook 
• Aids students in learning engineering ideas, concepts, and formulas 
• Uses easy to understand, step-by-step instructions 

This book is designed as a software-based lab book to complement a standard textbook in an engineering dynamics course, which is usually taught at the undergraduate level. This book can also be used as an auxiliary workbook in a CAE or Finite Element Analysis course for undergraduate students.

This textbook has been carefully developed with the understanding that CAE software has developed to a point that it can be used as a tool to aid students in learning engineering ideas, concepts and even formulas. These concepts are demonstrated in each section of this book. Using the graphics-based tools of SOLIDWORKS Motion can help reduce the dependency on mathematics to teach these concepts substantially. The contents of this book have been written to match the contents of most mechanics of materials textbooks. 

There are 11 chapters in this book. Each chapter contains two sections. Each section is designed for a student to follow the exact steps in that section and learn a concept or topic of Engineering Dynamics. Typically, each section takes 20-40 minutes to complete the exercises. 

Table of Contents

1.   Particle Kinematics 
2.   Particle Dynamics: Force and Acceleration 
3.   Particle Dynamics: Work and Energy 
4.   Particle Dynamics: Impulse and Momentum 
5.   Planar Rigid Body Kinematics 
6.   Planar Rigid Body Dynamics: Force and Acceleration 
7.   Planar Rigid Body Dynamics: Work and Energy 
8.   Planar Rigid Body Dynamics: Impulse and Momentum 
9.   3D Rigid Body Kinematics 
10. 3D Rigid Body