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British Menorca

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  • Fecha de publicación: 2013-04-15
  • Género: Europa


The 18th century was a turbulent time for the island of Menorca. The ongoing struggle for control of the Mediterranean saw the British, French and Spanish each seize the island. The 74 years spent under British rule during the century had a significant influence, leaving an imprint which can still be seen there, above all in the port of Maó and surrounding area.
With the aim of sharing this rich legacy, this eBook sets out a cultural tour comprising the most distinctive elements of the heritage handed down from the era, including towers, fortifications and buildings designed in accordance with the dictates of colonial architecture. The route also includes those museums featuring the exhibits most clearly illustrating the British legacy.
The book is the work of Fundació Destí Menorca, the body responsible for promotion and tourism on Menorca.